Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haven't been around much..

I don't use this blog much at all anymore. I have a few other blogs that I use now. I'm not going to post links because I don't want the world to see them right now(not that the world reads this one..). I'm still going to keep this blog around even though I won't use it much.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

AI top 6 part 2

What a shocking night. Here's how the night went.
Haley was the first one to be safe. Then James was safe. Then scotty, jacob, Casey, and Lauren were told to wait. Lauren was safe. Then there were 3. jacob(the girly-man)was safe next. And then there were two. I was nervous because I like Casey and want him to stay but I also hate scotty. In the end, Casey was voted off. I was MAD.
Check out what one AI fb fan said about James.
"James is a looser, he aint even a rocker, he is such a wanna be, he sounds like a chick that don't know how to sing, if anyone should win it should so be SCOTTY."
I reported her comment at abuse. Haha. Woman, you know who sings like a girl??? JACOB. You know who LOOKS LIKE A MONKEY'S BUTT AND STINKS LIKE IT TOO???????????? scotty.
End of post.

Monday, April 25, 2011

AI top 6 part 1 -I Don't know why the links won't show up

Soo I forgot to blog the past few weeks. Since then, Paul and Stefano have been voted off.
Check out these videos of my favorites:
Haley "Benny and the Jets"

Haley and Casey "Moanin" (I thought they sang well together)

James "Uprising"

Casey "Nature Boy" -I like this one because it helps show what a good bassist he is.

I was on youtube looking at their auditions and I learned that James has tourettes and some form of autism. I had no idea. I wondered a tiny bit about his facial expressions and stuff but I never thought much about it. He has all that and he sings like that??? Wow.
I also learned that it was Haley's second time auditioning for AI. I hope she stays on longer. She is better than Lauren.

The others:
Jacob..OMG Jacob.. *face slap* Just watch this:

Make sure you watch how he walks down the stairs and to the end of the stage. He and Stefano sound like girls.
Squirty Biebes Face (Scotty): He sings like freakin CRAP. I skip his songs now. haha. This is the only time you will see me say the word "freakin" on here.
Lauren: She IS good. I just don't think she will win. I really don't.

Dude I'm so glad Stefano is gone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My week!

This week is going to be pretty busy! Here is my week(Sun-Sun):
Sunday: Church, went home with some friends and went swimming!
Monday(today): Went to Veritas, rode Cassie, homework/study for bio test and geometry quiz
Tuesday: School at home, maybe ride?, hw/study for bio test and geometry quiz
Wednesday: School at home, maybe ride if I don't ride tomorrow, hw/study for test and a geometry quiz
Thursday: School @ home, hw and study, pedicure with my bff:)
Friday: Veritas(bio test, geometry quiz), and FPD Prom
Saturday: Maybe ride, spend the night with my bff:)
Sunday: Church and weekend hw

Does that sound like much to you? It is to me! Especially since I'm a bigg procrastinator. ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

My kitty:)

Remember when I posted that picture of an adorable little black kitten? The kitty I called No Name? Well, I got to keep her!!! I named her Lucky. Get it? an unlucky black cat..named Lucky?

American Idol..

Do any of you out there watch American Idol? Do you have a favorite? Or even a few favorites? Who are they?
Last night was a total shocker for me. I mean, Pia of all people?? She was one of the best or the best. I was so sure that she would make it to the top 3 or even 2. But no, instead of Pia, the very pretty awesome singer, Jacob, the girly man, and Stefano, the dude who just can't sing, got to stay. I wanted to cry. Those two guys stink!
Back to my top 3. Other than Pia, I like James and Haley the best. Casey definitely isn't bad either.
As for the rest of them?
Scotty: looks and sings like my dog's Bieberrhea (aka her diarrhea puddles that remind me of justin bieber as well.)! I have no idea how is still on the show. He can't sing very good country, but he sings even worse when he attempts other genres. I CAN'T stand his ugly face and the way he holds it. I don't see how people can think he can sing! Cause he can't!
Lauren: She is good. I don't see her winning though.
Paul: Eh no thanks. He isn't terrible..I'm not a fan though.
Jacob: Uh shoot me! He sings and dresses like a girl. Did you see what he was wearing last night??? A pink shirt with a light blue cardigan. Oh, I can't stand listening to him sing either. And they picked him for the top 24?? He totally should have left last night.
Stefano: No way. At first I kind of liked his voice. Now I don't..at all.

I'm hoping that next week Scotty, Jacob, or Stefano goes home. Paul can go a little later. I'm telling everyone, if Jacob, Scotty, Paul, or Stefano wins, I'm NEVER EVER watching the show again. Ever.

Please please please vote! It's so easy! Just go to www.americanidol.com and click on vote and sign in with your facebook then choose who you can to vote for. I think you can vote up to 50 times. PLEASE don't vote for Stefano, Jacob, Paul, or Scotty. Only vote for James, Casey, and Haley. You can give a few votes to Lauren too ;) I sure vote too! I just divide my votes between the people I like the most.

Back to Pia:
Like I already said, she should have been at least to the top 3. Want to know why she left? Everyone thought she was safe so the voted for other people that they liked almost as much as Pia. So she just didn't get as many votes this week. Another thing is that teenage girls (NOT including me) vote for the younger guys and the guys they think are cute. The show isn't even as much about talent anymore to those fans-Just looks. I also think that the judges maybe should have saved their only save for later in the show (like maybe last night???). I mean, Casey is good, but they looked even more upset about Pia then they did with Casey.

My last thoughts:
I will be watching AI next week. I really want to listen to my favorites and see who has to leave. Now, if James or Haley leaves..Wow I will be even more mad. I might not even watch the show.

Sorry if I misspelled Haley's name.

*****Stay tuned for my post about next week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stupid school

I almost hate school. It stinks. Really. So I go to Veritas for geometry and biology on Monday and Wednesday. We had a snow day on Monday so I missed school. My math teacher hands out assignment sheets on Fridays. The sheets are for whats due Monday and the next Friday. Since we were out on Monday, my teacher didn't get to teach us(duh)new stuff. So I was just looking at my hw that is due tomorrow and I can't do it! I don't get it! It's too hard. I hate geometry. Seriously. Plus, biology keeps getting harder and harder. I used to really enjoy it but now I don't. THEN I still have my other school at home. OMG that stuff stinks. I HATE latin. Hate it. STUPID RULE ABOUT HAVING TO TAKE 2 YEARS OF A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! And history is really boring, and the people who write literature just need to learn how to write. Their stories STINK.
Sorry about all of that. I have decided to use my blog for letting stuff out. Typing is way better then writing.

OMG= Oh my goodness. That's what I mean when I use it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy two weeks

Yesterday after church we went to Alabama to visit some friends. We will probably be here til Wednesday morning. The on Saturday we are going to Myrtle beach. What's it like there? I have only ever been to the Gulf so I have no idea what the beach is like. We will be there til the next Saturday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shorts these days..

So I don't know about you but I do NOT wear short, glittery, or all ripped up shorts. I like plain shorts that are not short.
Yesterday we went to Kohl's to try to find a pair of jean shorts. They didn't have any shorts that I liked. None! It's crazy! All the shorts in the Jr's section are either all ripped or too short. So we went to the girls section and all the stuff was really glittery.
I was at Belk the other day and there was a pair of shorts there that where really short and the tag said, "Almost famous.. Shortie Shorts". They were SUPER short. Like probably the shortest shorts I have ever seen.
That's just wrong! So stupid! You will NEVER EVER catch me wearing something like that.
So girls out there, we(or at least I)will be very happy if you would cover up a little(or a lot)more. Please!

Oh and also just to make this clear. There is nothing wrong with glittery shorts. I just don't like to wear glittery stuff.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Elijah's cat Piper had kittens earlier this year. She had four black and white babies. Three of them need homes very soon. Some friends of ours are getting "Stashy" sometime this month.
But you know how sometimes when an animal of yours has babies you become kind of attached to one of them? Well this is the kitty I like the most. I really want to keep her..I already have a cat but Piper always chases her away from our house. So Missy(my cat)only comes around sometimes to eat. :/
Anyway, I call this kitty "No Name" or "Kitty" because I can't think of a name that fits her. Man it's going to be hard to give her away.

Monday, June 28, 2010

sOmEtHiNg RaNdOm

It's kind of hard sometimes to think of things to post about and to find time to post anything at all. Just so you know, this one might be boring.
Or not. I think I should just share something random.

When I ear pepperoni pizza I take the pepperonis off and eat them separately.

Ok that's all for now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making friends

I don't know if any of you know this but sometimes I have trouble making friends..I just never know what to say. I'm NOT the kind of person that will go up to someone that I don't know and start talking to them. I can know people in person but not "be able" to go talk to them in person unless they speak to me first. I'm more out going online(like on facebook)when I talk to friends that I'm not close to. But guess what!!??!!?? I think I just made a new friend! We have known each other for a while but she is a year or year and a half younger(not that age matters to me). So I "got brave" and started trying to talk to her some online and in person(big step for me). So I asked for her cell phone number and we started texting a little bit. Today I invited her to help paint at the new 567 building(I can post about that later). So we did that and then daddy took us to Nu Way. Yummmmm!! Then tonight she went to Robby's baseball game with me:)
Now I'm all excited about my new friend:)